tirsdag den 6. august 2013

En ny udfordring på Inky Chick bloggen.....

Så er der igen en ny udfordring på Inky Chick bloggen - denne gang skal der bruges et bånd på kortet - kom og vær med. Der er en skøn præmie du kan vinde.

Hvor er det bare dejligt at der er så mange skønne kreative folk der laver kort og som kun har interesse i sin hobby og være positive overfor hinanden.  Det gør at vi kan nyde vores hobby og venskaber til fulde :)

Yet again there is a new challenge at the Inky Chick blog - this time you should use a lovely lace on your card - we love for you to join the fun. You can win a great price from one of our wonderful sponsors this time it is Krea Teja.

I have to tell you this, I think its so wonderful that there are so many creative crafters around who´s only interest is their hobby and to be positive towards each other - this is why I love this community so much. It makes us all enjoy our hobby and friendship so much more  :)

Here is my card for the new challenge:

and our lovely sponsor is 

 Remember to be positive :)

5 kommentarer:

Valchen sagde ...

I feel exactly the same way about the crafting community, Pialine! And I am happy to know people like you!
Your card is so sweet, I love how you coloured Tilda and all the lovely embelishments!

Maritha sagde ...

That is sooo stunning my sweet Danish assistent that i can not do without. ;) Lovely card hun ♥

And some lovely words too...we all just love crafting and that blogland is sutch a happy place to take part of ♡♥♡

Sov gott söde. Det ska jag prova med oxå. :)

krafty-kutz sagde ...

Well....what can I say!!!???? Lol
I have always been the bad apple coz I speak my mind hen as you well know.
But yes you are right...I'm so pleased things unfolded as they did as I found REAL true friend... And with a back bone, and so much loyalty!
I have come across the ones that talk a good show...
But talk is cheap!!!!
True friendship is what it's all about....and I feel blessed with you girlies....and I know that's not false.
You have to get out the bad in your life to find the good xx
Oh and your card is lovely too ;) xxxx

krafty-kutz sagde ...

And I'm so please I can chat with you lot for free too :)
You girls make me laugh every day xxxxx

Susy sagde ...