fredag den 23. august 2013

Happy Birthday my lovely friend.....

Today a very special friend of mine is celebrating her birthday - I want to wish Ally  a huge and big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I wish her a fantastic day and that she will get pampered all day long.

Here is my birthday card for my friend Ally, she has been complaining about the heat all this summer so I figured she would love a few raindrops :)

Have a fabulous day :)

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Maritha sagde ...

Woooow! Look at that card....sooo stunning! Lovely autum colours. AllyBally will be thrilled :)

Åhhh så fint du har färglagt vännen. Härliga höstiga färger. Jag älskar hösten och alla lövens fina färger. Superfint kort.:) ♥